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Rainbow over the United Nations, September 14th

Rainbow over the United Nations, September 14th

September marks my six-month anniversary of living in my new Manhattan apartment. It's truly wild how knock-on-wood perfect it is so far. I've got a couch I picked out myself that's big enough to drape myself dramatically across after long days at work; a lil cocoon of a kitchen in which I've been learning to cook ~properly~ via meal delivery systems like Blue Apron and HelloFresh that include very patient instructions with their ingredients; and four flights of steps to ascend to get inside, which an older lady who lives in the building advised will "keep me young." Between my media job and this place, I'm basically living out the adulthood I envisioned for myself as a kid, with one glaring exception: I STILL DON'T HAVE A CAT. (My allergies and I are in talks about it. Stay tuned.)

I'm also v pleased to announce that starting this month I'm co-hosting Lifetime's official Project Runway Recap Podcast with my pal and coworker Danielle. We recap/riff on each episode of the show's 15th season and tell dumb jokes to make each other laugh. It's fun! I promise!! You can listen here or subscribe on iTunes here.


My Son, the Prince of Fashion - Author Michael Chabon takes his son to Paris Fashion Week. The experience rattles both of their worlds. (Read this one till the end.)

The Clean - An aspiring dancer learns a much different kind of performance when she's hired by a boutique home-cleaning service in Manhattan.

Gymnastics Hair: A Retrospective - Few things are as impressive as the jaw-dropping strength and precision of Olympic gymnasts, but the evolution of their favored competition hairstyles comes close. LOOK AT ALL THE SCRUNCHIES!!

Welcome to AirSpace - How Silicon Valley and social media are partially to blame (or to laud, I guess, depending on your view) for the sterile faux-industrial unfamiliar-but-recognizable sameness of our modern aesthetic.

Why You Won’t Be the Person You Expect To Be [2013] - On the "end of history" illusion. "At every age we think we're having the last laugh, and at every age we're wrong."

She called it “doing money.” MEET ME TO DO MONEY, she would text. I’M IN THE CHILDREN’S SECTION.
— Lizzie Feidelson, "The Clean"


Me and Mama at the Met, September 18th

Me and Mama at the Met, September 18th

"White Teeth" by Zadie Smith - Since I took a hiatus from our lil book club, I've been shit about reading regularly - with the exception of Zadie Smith, who I can't seem to STOP reading (and re-reading, and re-re-reading). Her funny, energetic debut novel "White Teeth" is a decades-spanning chronicle of race, culture, and family in London that is just, like. Unfairly great. Buy it on Amazon.

"How to Be a Person in the World" by Heather Havrilesky - A compendium of advice from The Cut's Ask Polly. I find her bullshit-free perspective accessible and inspiring; she's a believer in the power of self-examination and the importance of unapologetically carving out a space for yourself, and her lessons are delivered straight, like an authoritative but empathetic big sister. Buy it on Amazon.

We cannot live in a world that is interpreted for us by others. An interpreted world is not a home. Part of the terror is to take back our own listening. To use our own voice. To see our own light.
— Hildegard von Bingen, "Selected Writings"


30 for 30: The Price of Gold (2014) - I wasn't old enough yet in 1994 to pay attention to the Tonya Harding/Nancy Kerrigan Winter Olympics drama, much less understand all its moving parts, so I was fascinated by this ESPN doc (which I watched at 4 in the morning during a bout of insomnia) that examines the class, gender, and media privacy issues at play. It's streaming on Netflix now.

Superstore - The weird randomness of The Office + the enthusiasm of Parks and Rec + a just-right dash of surreal humor, set in a Walmart-esque big-box store called Cloud 9. I haven't been much into half-hour comedies this year but this one's a new favorite. It airs Thursdays at 8 on NBC and it's streaming on Hulu.

Love & Mercy (2015) - Paul Dano and John Cusack play Beach Boy Brian Wilson at pivotal times in his musically gifted but emotionally turbulent life in one of the best biopics I've seen in idk how long. Dano and Cusack have the showier parts, obviously, but Elizabeth Banks is especially great in this. It's streaming on Amazon Prime now.


You Must Remember This - Journalist/critic Karina Longworth's podcast about Hollywood's first century has soundtracked my cooking escapades for the past few weeks. She brings thorough research and smart opinions to stories from all the nooks and crannies of the film industry's past, including explainers on the studio system, deep dives into the complicated lives of starlets like Kay Francis and Lena Horne, an epic miniseries on Charles Manson and another on the Blacklist, and even great one-shots, like an episode about Isabella Rossellini's modeling career in the '90s. (The show's blog offers helpful citations and other ephemera.)

My September mixtape - My 10 most-played jams this month, from Frank Ocean, Diane Reeves, Los Campesinos!, Young Thug, and more. Stream it on 8tracks here.


All the details of your favorite type of French fry: cut, crispiness, saltiness. What do you wanna dip 'em in? Or are they good enough to eat plain? Where did you find the best fries you've ever eaten? How did they make you feel? Their ubiquity makes them easy to take for granted but a serving of really satisfying French fries can change your whole day. Maybe even your whole life.

Mint chocolate chip in a waffle cone @ Toft's in Port Clinton, OH, September 5th

Mint chocolate chip in a waffle cone @ Toft's in Port Clinton, OH, September 5th

Forecast for October:

Hot tea in my orange Halloween mug from Aunt Jackie, crisp new back-to-school sneakers, and a visit from my lil brother. 

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